Tuesday, October 03, 2006


So I guess this is the new i enjoy sneezing (.com). The question you may all be asking yourselves is "why did ienjoysneezing.com disappear in the first place?" The answer is simple. Lack of inspiration. Or time. Or energy. Or.......motivation...? I don't know, I guess the answer ain't so simple. I suppose it's just so easy to keep in touch with my peeps when I am in the states that the website seemed unnecessary. But once I'm traveling again, oh yes, that is when the need comes back again. And that is when I will utilize this service to share with my friends, family, fellow sneeze-enjoyers, my stories, pictures, etc from my travels. Can somebody help me connect ienjoysneezing.com to this blog?
Here's the plan, in case you're curious:
December: I quit my job, move out of 1824, finish up my grad school apps, head off to Israel (ojala) and visit my sachbucks.
January: Dan's wedding is the 14th, so as soon as they need me, I'll be there. After that I may head to NoCal to check out the Wright Institute, SanFran, etc. After that time, all is unknown.


Blogger lacochran said...

Was that you?? See http://www.lacochran.blogspot.com

If so, effective advertising on your part.

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